Smart Features of QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool
QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool

Smart Features of QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool

If you are a QuickBooks user and looking for simple methods to install, update & download, then you must know about the fantastic features of QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Read the below information to learn how Quickbooks database server manager downloads.

QuickBooks is a vital accounting and Bookkeeping software used to provide fast, secure, and accurate financial resolution to small and medium-sized business people. In short, it is a complete package to run your business activities like payroll, invoices, taxes, and sales, etc. In the current time, around 80 percent of businesses are using QuickBooks software to run their day to day business activities. QuickBooks is designed to perform all business accounting and financial needs.

This tool is highly useful to sync company files and data with another system via the same network. Also, this tool assists in managing a multi-user network. The QB database server manager provides you access to multiple versions of QuickBooks at a time. Therefore more than one user can operate the company file and data at the same time. For any Company file, it can also make a network data file (.ND) on the host computer

Follow the full article to know more exciting features about the QB database tool. But if in case QuickBooks Database Server Manager Stopped working and you feel to speak with a skilled and professional pro-advisor, Contact us here (833) 392-0369 for instant guidance.

Explain How Quickbooks Database Server Manager is a Vital Tool.

Do you also search the answer for what is Quickbooks database server manager, then you are in the right place? The information given in this blog will help you to know in and out about it. This tool is the most important and useful in the QuickBooks software provided by intuit to resolve issues and get smooth functioning of business workflow.

With the help of this tool, users are able to operate the QuickBooks company file of business with multiple users at the same time over the same network. Read some important point about it:

  • QBDBMS helps you to generate a QB network data file (.nd) and securely save on the host computer system. You have to install each version of QB accounting software if you need multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop.
  • You will get only multiple versions of processes after installing multiple versions of QBDBMS (but you will not get numerous versions of the QuickBooks software).
  • You should install the entire version chronologically from first to latest if you are planning to work on multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • In the background, it also makes sure that the year’s database service works continuously. If we talk about the Windows service interface, these services are known as QuickBooksDBXX, and here XX notify about several version ( For example: in QBDatatService28, “28” is for QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and in QBDatatService29, “29” for QuickBooks 2019).

Reasons for QuickBooks Database Server Manager Update! Explain?

It is essential for the QuickBooks user to work on the updated version. Similarly, it is also vital to update QBDSM for specific reasons. Whenever the new version is downloaded on the workstation or after any update released, it becomes more important to update the tool.

With the help of this QB database server manager, the update gets done automatically, and there is no need to struggle to update this tool. But if you want to know “How to Update Quickbooks Database Server Manager” manually, then follow the given steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open the website of intuit and start to install the updated patch (For database server manager).
  • Now, it is very important to ensure the server gets reboot first.
  • At the workplace, as the server gets updated, you will receive a message on the window of your computer about the need for a Company file update.
  • Hence, these updates can change or remove the data structure; therefore, you always need to make a backup of your crucial database.
  • Follow the step by step method to complete the backup process, and then you are good to go to start work.

Steps to Install Quickbooks Database Server Manager! How

QuickBooks is the most famous accounting and bookkeeping software among all types of businesspeople for small and medium-sized businesses. It becomes so important from the necessity to demand in the accounting market. It offers various features and tools that help to complete day to day financial functions in less time with accurate results.

The primary reason to download this tool is to share the company file from one user system to another user computer. Also, it helps to track the multi-user network. So it is mandatory to have a QB database server to let your user access company file on another system.

Sometimes QuickBooks database server manager is installed in your system by default. So it is essential to check first in the QuickBooks installation directory for any installed server, If not install then read the given information below to install it:

  • Method 1- Firstly, the user has to click twice on the QuickBooks installer to start it and then run the installation setup wizard.
  • Method 2- Afterward, move to the next step and connect with the internet.
  • Method 3- Now go through the full agreement of software carefully and click the box to accept the terms accordingly. 
  • Method 4- Enter on next after selecting the agreement’s terms.
  • Method 5- Now, you need to choose Custom either Network Option.
  • Method 6- After that choose the method of installation.
  • Methos 7- If asked, provide your license details.
  • Method 8- Select on Yes, if you agree to move the process forward.
  • Method 9- Finish the installation after following the rest of the instructions

Learn the process to Setup the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Installing this tool is extremely useful because it allows the user to work on the same company file at a time. And keep the data stored in the host computer for the most exceptional performance. So if you are really up to know the right process to install, QB Database manager. Read the full blog to see what you need to successfully Setup the QuickBooks database tool. Follow the given information correctly to finish the complete process smoothly, if in case you have ant technical doubt; contact our pro-advisor for instant guidance.

Step 1: Know how to open QBDBMS.
  • Click on the start button of the computer
  • Search the Programs and click on it.
  • Afterward, select QuickBooks
  • After that, choose the QB database, server manager.
Step 2: Scan for your folder features

Firstly scan the server before doing anything on it to ensure to work securely:

  • Open the start button and then select all programs
  • Under all programs, choose QuickBooks Folder and then choose QuickBooks database server manager
  • Select Scan Folder
  • Either search for the folder of the QB Company file or follow the full scanning process of the entire disk.
  • Tick on the scan box to start the process of scanning. As the process of scanning the company file finished, then other users will get the option to operate the company file on the remote.
Step 3: Monitored the Drives tab.

After completing the process of scanning the folder, then the drives get open in the tab of monitored drives. Hence, to monitor the scanned QB folder, you have to select the drive. Meanwhile, shifting the company file, you need not scan the folder by following this method. After completing the process of scanning the folder, then the drives get open in the tab of monitored drives. Hence, to monitor the scanned QB folder, you have to select the drive. Meanwhile, shifting the company file, you need not scan the folder by following this method.

  • Before doing anything, open the Monitored Drives tab.
  • Now select the hard drive which has a Company file. Ensure choosing only that drive that carries the company file only.
Step 4: Maintain QuickBooks Database

If you quickly want to maintain the database to enhance efficient workflow, then many tabs help to keep the entire process smoothly. Follow the given instruction below:

  • Make sure that only by using the system tab, the server manager gets installed on your computer.
  • Open the database server tab and check the real-time status of the QB tool.

The process to uninstall the QB Database Server.

If you have installed the QB database server manager in your system and your business does not require the need for multi-user functionality. Follow the given step to uninstall the server manager easily:

  • Step 1: Click on the start button and get all programs.
  • Step 2: Find the QuickBooks folder and select the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Step 3: Click on uninstall
  • Step 4: You will get step by instructions on your computer window to uninstall the server manager.


Hopefully, with the help of this article, you can easily understand the entire process of installation, updating, and set up your QB Database Server Manager. However, if in case you encounter an error during the QuickBooks Database Server Manager download process like QuickBooks Database Manager stopped working, QBDBSM crashes, or QBDBMgrN not running. Contact our expert team of skilled pro-advisor of Best Accounting Help at (833) 392-0369 and resolve issues immediately. This tool will help you to operate your financial data with QuickBooks accounting software successfully.

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