What Do You Need to Know About QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool?
QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

What Do You Need to Know About QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool?

QuickBooks has time and again implemented features for the best user experience, and one such feature is the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool. The feature began to be implemented in the year 2010 starting with QuickBooks Pro/Premier and then added to Enterprise in 2012.

In case there is any data loss or corruption has occurred, Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks allows a faster way for you to recover substantially or all of your data.

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Before Using Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks, Points To be noted:

  • Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks is only accessible for Microsoft Windows OS – QB Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions.
  • A lack of ADR file size is 1.5 GB, which means an ADR file will not be created if the backup size is more than 1.5 GB.
  • Never use Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks at first, when all of the suitable troubleshooting techniques have been fully attempted & not working out then use it as the last resort.
  • You should keep your QuickBooks fully updated to make the best utilization of the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.

Want to know if QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery really Important?

ADR in QuickBooks software allows us to recover corrupted files. For this, two different technologies are used in recovering a corrupted file:

  1. Auto-Replication: For QuickBooks Company File and QuickBooks Transaction Log File a duplicate copy of both is created.
  2. Auto Recovery: It uses an extra folder, by using your accounting software you can see a few new files. It creates a backup of the company QuickBooks file.

However, it is not supported by all accounting information. Also, you may require professional support to recover the deleted QuickBooks file when QuickBooks auto data recovery is off. With Best Accounting Help QuickBooks auto data recovery services, we can help you to protect your business from a data crash.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Feature:

  • To recover lost transactions, Auto Data Recovery in QuickBooks uses your current business transaction file, also a copy of the company file.
  • It uses copies of both the transaction & company’s files to restore, not the recent few hours of transactions.

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Restore QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool:

To Restore QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. On the desktop, just make a folder naming QBTest.
  2. Open the folder in which your company files are stored. On the Product Information Screen, the location of the company file can be checked. (press F2 / concurrently press Ctrl and 1 keys for screen opening).
  3. You have to find the .tlg file in the company file’s folder. The company file and .tlg file have the same name.

If you don’t get the follow the steps given below–

  • Concurrently press Windows plus E keys.
  • Open – File Explorer.
  • Then go to Organize.
  • Search for Options by going in the folder.
  • For Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 users, in the menu- go to View, check the File Name Extensions.
  • For Known File Types, select Hide Extensions.
  • Select Apply – OK.
  1. In the QBTest folder, Copy-paste the transaction log file (.tlg file) created in step1.
  2. Open – QuickBooks ADR.
  3. Copy-paste the (ADR version)company file in the QBTest Folder.
  4. Rename the QBW.ADR file & Remove .adr from the name.
  5. After renaming, you have to open QuickBooks software.
  6. Open the saved company file from the QBTest folder. Review if all transactions are through using your registered account.
  7. Now, go to File.
  8. Select Utilities.
  9. Under Utilities, select Verify Data to check the integrity of the recovered file’s data.
  10. You can continue by transferring your damaged company file to some other location if you find a copy of the QB company and moving the copy of your company file from the QBTest folder to the original location.

The above steps are an easy guide into QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery, and it must solve your issue to Recover lost QuickBooks files. QuickBooks File Recovery Tool is an efficient device to help you get the files that might have been lost.

Why choose Best Accounting Help for QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Services?

  • Experts engaged in QuickBooks can recover Deleted files swiftly

Best Accounting Help professionals resolve all types of issue swiftly when it is related to QuickBooks. The professionals are well-equipped with how to deal with the issue related to QBW file corruption, hard drive damage, and any other data loss situations. While providing services, we aim to keep your data safe.

  • Advanced QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tools

We use the latest tools and techniques for the data recovery process, these tools can repair any versions of the QuickBooks.

  • Pocket-friendly services

At Best Accounting Help we assure you with the best services at pocket-friendly prices. Also, we offer free evaluations for data recovery in QuickBooks.

  • 24*7 QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Support

Our QuickBooks professionals are available 24*7 to ensure that your issues can get resolved immediately. Just connect with us & explain your case and just relax. You will be served with the best workable solution.

  • Recover all types of Database Files

We help you to recover data from all types of database files such as QuickBooks backup file format, QuickBooks image file, QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks portable file, etc. Generally, the auto data recovery feature doesn’t work for all, but at Best Accounting Help we do.

If you face any problem in recovering the company transactions using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature, or you want to know more about how to use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery, you can call us at our QuickBooks Technical Support Number (833) 392-0369 to get expert technical assistance.

Do let us know in the comment section below if the information provided above was useful for you or not! Stay Connected for our next QuickBooks blog!

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